Physician-led weight loss and wellness counseling

So many factors affect a person’s weight that it’s impossible to offer an across-the-board solution to all patients. Some can lose weight just by committing themselves to strict caloric math – take in fewer calories than you burn and you will lose weight over time. For these patients, we will work with you to create a nutrition plan and exercise regimen that’s customized to your specific health, life situation and the things that make you happy.

Other obese or overweight patients may have any number of complicating factors. Some patients have genetic or other physical conditions contributing to their weight. For these patients, in addition to food and exercise planning, we will work with you and the other physicians on your team to develop an integrative care plan that gets you safely to a healthier weight.

Many of our patients have weight issues that are rooted in emotional distress – either an unresolved issue from their past, or one or more things in their current life that’s making them anxious, sad or angry. In these cases, it is very common for us to turn to food for short-term comfort and distraction. We can help with therapies that interrupt that behavior pattern in the short-term while we deal together with resolving the underlying emotions that are driving the overeating.

We will also help all of our weight loss patients evaluate diet, exercise and weight loss products and programs so that you don’t waste money in pursuit of false or misleading medical claims.

We help patients who are...

  • At an unhealthful weight and committed to long-term weight loss and maintenance
  • Faced with an urgent need to lose weight
  • Battling a genetic or other physical condition that’s interfering with their weight loss goals
  • Using the pleasure of food to avoid feelings of anxiety or depression
  • Seeking to break long-standing eating habits
  • Uncertain how to manage their net caloric intake
  • Members of organized weight loss programs or 12-step programs who want to be supervised by a physician and nutritionist in these efforts
  • Post-bariatric surgery patients who need customized nutrition plans help adapting to their surgery

How we help patients lose weight

At the core of treatment for most of our weight loss patients are a food plan and an exercise plan that are going to work for you because we’ll develop them together based on your health and your priorities. We do not subscribe to any one diet. We do not believe any one type of food should be off limits to all patients. We do not favor any particular form of exercise.

Rather, we know there are as many different ways to lose weight as there are to gain it. The important thing is finding combinations where you can enjoy the process of achieving your weight loss goals. It may not be easy for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant process for anyone.

We will also discuss with you whether a limited course of hypnotherapy will help you meet your weight loss goals. Hypnotherapy helps interrupt the thought patterns that drive us to eat for reasons other than hunger. It can even take the edge off hunger itself, making it more tolerable in small doses. Not every weight loss patient needs hypnotherapy, but many who try it find it to be a very helpful supplement to their food and exercise plans.

Also at the core of our integrative treatment for weight loss is understanding and dealing with what’s driving a patient’s overconsumption of food. In many cases, it’s due to one or more unresolved emotions, and we know from experience that weight loss is very difficult to maintain without resolving the underlying issues. In these cases, we’ll recommend including a course of traditional counseling to help get at and over the emotional underpinnings of your overeating. Similarly, counseling can help with self-esteem deficits that often accompany being at an unhealthful weight.