Trauma and sudden threats to life

Sudden trauma scars our psyches indelibly. None of us will ever be the same after an assault, major injury or near-death experience.

Most post-trauma patients come to us seeking nothing more than to return their lives to something that approximates where they were before their traumatic experience. Others see their experience as an awakening of sorts -- a potential springboard to fulfilling a certain destiny in their lives.

Either way, we'll provide compassion and care to help you move on to live your life with greater freedom, health and happiness.

We help trauma patients who...

  • Are survivors of a criminal trauma, serious accident, armed combat, major fire, or other violent, life-threatening experience
  • Continue to relive a traumatic experience in daydreams and nightmares
  • Cannot relax or enjoy parts of their lives due to a trauma
  • Have relationships that are suffering due to a trauma
  • Want to develop the strength to return to a place or activity in which a trauma occurred
  • Are beginning to remember a trauma that happened to them in childhood
  • Have turned to compulsive or addictive behaviors or substance abuse to dull painful traumatic memories

How we help patients with psychological injury and post-traumatic mental health concerns...

The extent of treatment required to heal the psychological wounds from trauma varies considerably. The effect that some traumas have on our lives may be partially mitigated through hypnotherapy, which redirects our thoughts away from traumatic memories or suggests new ways of coping with them. But for many patients who've experienced a serious trauma, therapy is the only way to heal more fully.

We promise to work with you to develop a course of treatment that is sensitive to the incredible challenges of recovering from the shock and anguish caused by traumatic experiences, as well as help you avoid unhealthy strategies for coping with them.