Preparing for and recovering from surgery

As you prepare for a significant operation, your mental and emotional strength are assets to you and your surgeon. Post-operatively, both will have a substantial effect on the rate at which you regain your quality of life.

How we help patients prepare for surgery...

There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to get in the best possible frame of mind going into surgery. Some patients need simply to process their fears and other feelings through a very limited course of focused counseling. Others need a short course of hypnotherapy to handle preoperative stress and anxiety.

For others, the impending surgery is, understandably, triggering all sorts of anxieties and issues in their lives. If any of these are rising to the level of interfering with your ability to prepare effectively for the surgery, then a course of intensive counseling and hypnotherapy in the weeks prior to the surgery can reduce the deleterious effects these thoughts and feelings have on your surgical outcome.

The majority of situations, though, are somewhere in between these extremes, and warrant a moderate course of hypnotherapy and/or counseling. We'll share our impressions and recommendations at the end of your intake visit, and consult with your surgeon if appropriate.

If you need to quit smoking, lose weight or improve your nutritional status pre-operatively, we offer hypnotherapy and nutritional coaching to help reduce your surgical risk.

We also help families of patients preparing for surgery and recovery, both through counseling and family medical liaison services.

How we help patients with surgical recovery...

The strength of your mind and your spirit will have a substantial impact on your path to recovery, affecting how quickly you regain your physical strength and how fully you regain (or even surpass!) your previous quality of life.

Depending on the operation you had, a number of treatments will help you in this process.

  1. Hypnotherapy may help you work through the pain of recovery, which is essential for regaining strength. It also has a positive effective on wound healing.
  2. Counseling may help you adjust to temporary or permanent lifestyle changes that your physicians have directed, and overcome the emotional trauma of major surgery.
  3. A nutrition plan customized for your particular circumstance may aid both your physical healing and overall well-being.

We'll share our specific recommendations after meeting with you and consulting with your surgeon.

Sometimes, post-operatively, patients must adjust to new physical realizations and/or limitations that can be either short-term or long-lived. Individualized counseling and hypnotherapy can help these patients adjust and thrive in recovery.