Stop smoking

If you truly want to stop smoking but find it difficult to do so on your own, we can help you succeed.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for changing habits like smoking that negatively affect our health. It quickly interrupts the thought patterns that cause smokers to reach for the next cigarette, and naturally counteracts some of the power that nicotine cravings have over our behavior. It’s a pleasant and relaxing treatment well-suited to help a wide range of smokers live lighter, healthier and happier.

We help patients who want to...

  • Stop smoking because of the long-term health benefits
  • Break a physical addiction to nicotine
  • Resolve important personal issues which they currently avoid through smoking cigarettes
  • Avoid the weight gain commonly experienced by ex-smokers early on
  • Survive a health emergency that requires immediate smoking cessation

How we help patients with smoking cessation

For the majority of patients who want to quit smoking simply because it will make them healthier, a limited course of hypnotherapy – three to six sessions – typically does the trick.

For patients facing an urgent health situation that requires them to quit smoking immediately, hypnotherapy will be at its most effective – the doctor will explain this before or during your first visit.

For patients who are trying to resolve an important personal issue for which cigarettes have become an obstacle to their success, we'll customize a treatment program that effectively combines counseling and hypnotherapy to help you achieve your larger goals.

If you're concerned about weight gain after quitting cigarettes, we'll give you a customized nutrition plan combined with a short course of hypnotherapy – there is no need to gain weight or feel stressed while quitting.

We also help patients evaluate smoking cessation products such as patches, inhalers and chewing gum.

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