Nutrition and Wellness

At Newton Integrative Health Services, we provide a full range of nutritional consultation and dietary planning to individuals and families. Whether you're facing a health condition that requires a change in your eating habits or simply want to lose or maintain a healthy weight, we've got the tools and the experience to help. We can even help you customize your favorite recipes so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods as much as possible.

Diets and meal planning for food allergies and intolerances
Individual and family weight loss
Family nutritional and wellness planning
Institutional nutrition consulting
Strategic nutrition for health conditions

Diets and meal planning for food intolerances and allergies

It's becoming ever more common for people to have negative reactions to certain foods. In some cases, the reactions are allergic. In others, the body is simply unable to process a particular ingredient, which causes a physical problem. Regardless of which you have, we can create a comprehensive list of foods to steer clear of, and create a complete dietary plan to make sure all of your nutritional needs are met in the process. We can also recommend several excellent allergy specialists to conduct in-depth testing when appropriate.

Among the common food intolerances, sensitivities and allergies for which we customize nutrition plans...

Coconut Fructose Sesame
Corn Legumes/Lupins Shellfish
Dairy/Lactose Meats Sodium/Salt
Eggs Milk Soy
Gluten Nuts Sugar
Fish Potato Wheat
Fruits Rice Yeast

Individual and family weight loss

For patients who are seeking to lose weight, you will find us to be knowledgeable and supportive coaches. We can analyze your current sources of calories and nutrition and tell you the best opportunities you have for making the most impact on your weight. If you wish, we can design a daily food plan that fits with your lifestyle -- for you or your whole family -- to meet your weight loss goals. We can work into your meal plan foods that will help boost your metabolism, so that you burn more calories. We can define ideal serving sizes to minimize your hunger, and we can help you modify recipes to reduce their effect on weight gain.

It's important to note that substantial weight loss is rarely achieved or sustained through diet alone. In most cases, regular exercise is necessary to get your weight down. No matter what your physical condition, we can help you customize an exercise program that accelerates the impact of diet on your weight.

Also, it's important to note that in many cases, overeating results from unresolved issues in other areas of our lives. In these situations, we will work with you to treat the impulse to overeat as well as the underlying causes creating those impulses.

For patients in 12-step recovery programs, you'll find that we have lots of experience working in concert with these philosophies and can help tremendously with the recovery process.

Family nutrition and wellness planning

Even when all family members are near their ideal weight and there isn't an immediate health problem in the house, some families choose to invest in an annual or semi-annual comprehensive review of their wellness. These reviews cover nutrition, exercise, preventive care, safety, family communication, life balance, emotional growth, and long-term family planning. We'd be glad to talk with you about your family and how to periodically review its overall wellness.

Strategic nutrition for health conditions

Apart from chronic food allergies and intolerances, many acute physical conditions and treatments require a new diet either temporarily or permanently. We will work with you and the rest of your medical team to develop a nutrition program that advances your treatment and recovery. Among the most common medical conditions that benefit from special dietary planning:

Acid Reflux Diabetes Menopause
Allergies Diverticulitis Metabolic Syndrome
Anorexia Endometriosis Obesity
Arthritis Fibromyalgia Osteoarthritis
Asthma Gastric Bypass Surgery Osteoporosis
Bariatric Surgery Gout Parkinson's Disease
Bulimia Hiatal Hernia Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cancer Treatment Hypertension/Blood Pressure Rosacea
Cardiac Treatment High Cholesterol Skin Conditions
Coeliac Disease Hyperthyroidism Sleep Apnea
Cirrhosis Insulin Resistance Surgical Recovery
Colon Treatment Irritable Bowel Syndrome Thyroid Disease
Constipation Kidney Disease Ulcerative Colitis
Crohn's Disease Liver Disease Ulcers

Institutional nutrition consulting

For educational, healthcare, corrections and other institutions responsible for feeding large groups, we will review your meal and/or snack plans for completeness, risks for nutritional deficiencies and risks for allergic reactions. If needed, we will certify your food plans. We will also suggest opportunities to provide better nutrition for the same money, or the same nutrition for less money.

We also deliver nutrition workshops for administrators, educators and family members, and can custom develop nutritional training for your staff.