Family medical liaison services

We provide three types of medical liaison services for patients and families: medical crisis counseling and intervention services, geriatric care advisory services, and medical surrogacy services for out-of-town families.

Medical crisis counseling and intervention services

When a health crisis hits our family, the questions and emotions can be overwhelming.

We want desperately to understand a complex diagnosis, procedure or treatment plan. We want to ask all the right questions and master the answers so we can guide ourselves and our loved ones through the crisis.

If we're extremely fortunate, we have a primary care physician who has the time to meet with family members as much as they need, to take their questions, to explain things at a level appropriate to each member, and provide extended support and counseling for patients and their families.

When we're not so fortunate, a family medical liaison makes a big difference.

At Newton Integrative Health, Dr. Rachel Katz works with you and your family in partnership with your primary care physician and specialists. She...

  • Attends meetings and calls with your medical team
  • Helps you ask all the right questions
  • Interprets the answers for family members at different levels of understanding, including children
  • Works with you to navigate the healthcare system, which can be daunting
  • Explains what you're reading online about the condition
  • Prepares you mentally and emotionally before, during and after treatment
  • Helps your family members deal with the anxiety, grief and exhaustion related to the crisis
  • Helps your family members maintain their own health to be of maximal help to you

A family medical liaison is a wonderful addition to the overall care you and your family receive during a health crisis, ensuring that your mental health -- and that of your family -- gets as much attention as your physical health. Having one gives you and them more of a sense of control and support when it matters most.

Geriatric care advisory services

For adults needing help to decide about living arrangements and healthcare for elderly parents or other family members, we sort through the options with you to find what's best for your family. We search for, and interview, appropriate home health agencies, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. We review the qualifications of non-physicians assigned to care for your loved one. And we can accompany you on visits to your family member to check on them and the care that they're receiving.

Medical surrogate in greater Boston

For family members who live far away from the greater Boston area, we look after the health care that your loved one receives here. Your liaison is Rachel Katz, M.D., a board-certified family physician and registered dietitian based in Newton Centre, MA. She acts as your surrogate to establish and oversee good care for a family member who is geographically isolated. And if needed, she makes house calls to your loved one.

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