Emotional relief for kids and teens

It would be wonderful if every child grew up free from stress and pain, staving off life's harder problems until their coping skills were more fully developed. But death, illness and divorce in the family happen to kids all the time. Add in peer pressure, school pressure, and the challenges of just growing up, and some kids and teenagers face more obstacles to being happy than many adults face in their whole lives.

At Newton Integrative Health Services, we offer kids and teens a chance to live lighter and happier on their own terms. We help them learn techniques to relax when stress builds up. We teach them how to clear pent-up feelings that interfere with their happiness. We show them how to identify and validate their feelings, navigate through frustrating or painful situations, and strengthen the loving relationships in their lives.

We help kids and teens who...

  • Have lost a parent, sibling, close friend or someone else they love deeply
  • Face a change in living situation due to divorce, separation or a parent's new relationship
  • Struggle in school because of attention deficits or emotional distraction
  • Are fighting a body image problem or eating disorder
  • Battle social anxiety or self-image deficits
  • Struggle with sleep problems, anxiety or depression
  • Have unresolved anger or grief

If you're a kid or a teenager...

...you have at least one advantage over adults in dealing with hard feelings: young people are much quicker to learn new ways of seeing and doing things, and that is very important when you're trying to move yourself from a painful place to a lighter and happier one.

When you visit us in Newton, we'll help you imagine what that place should look like for you, and what you need to do to get there. We'll help you figure out a plan to succeed, and teach you ways to get past the tough parts. If you'd like, we'll continue to coach you until you feel confident at managing whatever was bothering you. Or if you just want to work out a plan and then pursue it on your own, that's OK too -- it's up to you and your parents.

One approach we might try is hypnotherapy, where we work together to relax you to a point where you're partly asleep and partly awake.

At these times, our minds can hear suggestions that we'll remember very strongly in the right situations when we're awake. We never have to follow these suggestions -- hypnosis can't make anyone do anything they don't really want to do. But when we do recall suggestions made under hypnosis, we recall them very strongly at important times during the day. They can help us be courageous, avoid self-defeating thoughts, focus more on our work, relax and sleep better, and change habits that we want to change.