End-of-life counseling for patients and their families

At Newton Integrative Health Services, we provide comprehensive support and therapy for patients facing the end of their lives, and for individuals and families frightened or grieving over the impending or recent death of a loved one.

We help patients who...

  • Are determined to use every ounce of mental and spiritual strength to live the rest of their lives to the fullest
  • Are paralyzed by fear of the end of their lives
  • Are grieving for themselves and their loved ones and seek peace with their mortality
  • Have personal or relationship issues that they want to resolve before they die
  • Want to provide for their family's emotional care during and after their death

We help the families and loved ones of patients who...

  • Need more emotional strength to help the patient enjoy the rest of his/her life as much as possible
  • Need more emotional strength to help themselves enjoy the rest of their time with their loved one
  • Can't accept the upcoming death of their loved one but need to for their own health
  • Want to care for their own emotional needs through this most difficult time

We help people who've recently lost a loved one and...

  • Need to grieve but feel unable to
  • Can't stop grieving after an extended amount of time
  • Need to move beyond issues left unresolved by the death of their loved one
  • Want to confront feelings or fear or guilt about moving on without their loved one
  • Want themselves and their families to be lighter, healthier and happier again

How we help patients who are facing the end of their life...

Many patients use hypnotherapy to partially block fear and grief in order to enjoy the rest of their lives as much as possible. It many cases, it is remarkably effective at helping patients relax, and shifting the balance of their concentration away from death in favor of the life they still have. A short but intensive course of treatments generally provide the best relief. Hypnotherapy is unlikely to prevent fears and grief from recurring altogether, but it usually helps considerably.

For patients who hope to confront and resolve long-term emotional or relationship issues before they die, we will create an accelerated course of focused counseling, and we'll work hand-in-hand with you to get it done.

For patients concerned about the well-being of family members and other loved ones, we will compassionately work with you and them to create the best possible program of individual and family support. If you'd like to provide for this in advance, we can work with you to make that happen as well.

How we help patients who are dealing with the loss of a loved one...

Of course, there's no treatment that can or should make the pain of profound loss go away. But in most situations, a short to moderate course of therapy helps maintain a healthy balance of mourning and moving forward. We will work with you to determine the best course of individual, family and/or group counseling.

For families who want to provide for comprehensive care during their grief, we can also ensure appropriate nutrition for the family, provide individualized healing therapies for each member, and manage final relations with the departed's healthcare providers.