Relief for depression and anxiety

Sadness, fear and anger are normal and healthy emotions. But when they become chronic and without respite, you need to get help quickly. We will help you get both short-term relief and long-term solutions for your depression and anxiety, so that you can begin to live lighter, healthier and happier again.

We help patients who...

  • Have been feeling depressed, anxious or angry about nothing specific or everything in general
  • Don't feel able to enjoy most of life's pleasures
  • Are losing or gaining weight, not exercising, abusing alcohol or drugs or engaging in other unhealthful behaviors to cope with their feelings or situations in their lives
  • Are suffering at work because of mood swings, angry outbursts or anxiousness
  • Are hurting people they care about and want to stop
  • Have been told by people they trust that they need mental or emotional help
  • Have thoughts of hurting themselves or others
  • Are unable to get over a loss in their lives
  • Are having recurrent "panic attacks"

How we help patients with chronic depression or anxiety

For many patients, chronic depression or anxiety is rooted in one or more deep emotional scars that have not healed properly. These may be painful memories that we've buried, recent losses that we have not fully mourned, or current challenges in our lives that seem too big and scary to face. In these cases, we strongly recommend an aggressive course of therapy to get the issues out in the open and process your feelings about them so that your mind can rest and your spirit can heal.

In some cases, we may recommend a limited side course of hypnotherapy as a way to provide some short-term relief while we are ferreting out the underlying issues. In other cases, we may suggest a special nutrition plan designed to keep your health up as you confront difficult emotions, and to reinforce your confidence in nourishing yourself.

For patients who may be good candidates for anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications, we will be glad to discuss the options with you and your primary care physician.

Additional resources for patients with depression

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