Living better with chronic illness or pain

Incessant pain or sickness erodes hope. It grinds down our mental and emotional strength, which we need all of -- whether to battle the physical cause of our pain or disease, or to live better despite it. We can help you restore some of that inner peace and optimism and enjoy the life you have to a greater degree.

We help patients who...

  • Have been injured and are in a great amount of pain
  • Have a long-standing condition for which there is no currently-known cure
  • Suffer from symptoms that doctors have not been able to diagnose
  • Feel sometimes like they're losing the will to endure their condition
  • Are depressed, anxious or grieving about their health
  • Want to provide support for their family members who in turn support them

How we help patients with chronic pain or chronic illness

Counseling and hypnotherapy provide very different types of support to patients living with chronic pain or illness.

Through counseling, we work together to give you back some of your emotional strength, and in turn your ability to focus on your health condition.

Through hypnotherapy, on the other hand, we work together to distract you from some of your pain or illness -- to train your mind to focus elsewhere, at least in part. This has two important effects: 1) It allows you to relax more, which relieves pressure on your immune system. This accelerates healing and your body’s ability to fight or adapt to the cause of your pain or illness. And, 2) It enables you to live that much lighter and happier despite your discomfort.

Many patients will come to us clearly seeking one or the other. Some will come seeking both, and still others are uncertain what to do. We will work with you to decide the best course of treatment.

We also help families of patients living with chronic pain or illness, both through counseling and family medical liaison services.