Cancer treatment and caring for cancer patients

Patients undergoing treatment for cancer face more than just a physical battle. The process continually challenges patients’ mental and emotional strength, which they need to help drive positive outlooks and outcomes.

Anxiety associated with uncertainty, coupled with the unpleasantness of some treatments, can decrease a cancer patient’s quality of life substantially. Depression, grief, panic and stress-related health complications are common side-effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment, not just for patients, but for their loved ones as well.

Our approach seeks to reduce the negative physical, psychological and spiritual impact of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, to put patients in the strongest possible frame of mind to help their oncologists successfully treat the disease, and to allow patients to enjoy their lives as much as possible during treatment.

We help cancer patients who are...

  • Struggling to find the mental and emotional strength to battle their cancer optimally
  • Having panic attacks due to their diagnosis
  • Becoming physically sicker because of stress
  • Unable to have any sort of quality of life because of anxiety
  • Having difficulty maintaining relationships because of their disease
  • Unable to enjoy food or eat healthfully because of their disease, treatment or side effects
  • Wishing to get their affairs in order but getting tripped up by fear and/or grief
  • Having family distress due to their diagnosis and/or treatment

How we help cancer patients and their care-givers...

Many patients (and their loved ones) benefit from a mixed course of hypnotherapy and counseling. Hypnotherapy helps patients relax, think more positively, and have longer periods of quality time with less fear and anxiety. It can also help with nausea related to chemotherapy.

Counseling helps patients confront and process their fears and anxieties, build courage and inner strength, and deal healthfully with important people in their lives.

For patients undergoing cancer treatment, nutrition is critical to your stamina and recovery. We can also work with your oncologist and/or primary care physician to design a nutritional plan that best complements your cancer treatment.