Relief for generalized or acute anxiety

It's very, very difficult to enjoy life when we're anxious. Not only does it eat away at all of life's pleasures, but it erodes our physical health and exhausts our mind, body and spirit.

Whether you're worried about a specific health condition or issue in your life, or experiencing general uneasiness, we will help you get both short- and long-term relief. We provide several very effective natural therapies to combat anxiety, and can also prescribe anti-anxiety medications when medically appropriate.

We help patients who...

  • Are feeling paralyzed by fear over a health condition or pending medical procedure
  • Are seeking peace with their own aging and mortality, or that of a loved one
  • Have recurrent "panic attacks"
  • Have a specific fear or phobia that is interfering with their life
  • Are suffering professionally because they're overwhelmed with pressure and/or afraid to fail
  • Seem nervous about nothing specific or everything in general
  • Are losing or gaining weight, not exercising, abusing alcohol or drugs or engaging in other unhealthful behaviors to cope with anxiety-provoking situations in their lives

How we help patients with acute anxiety

For many anxiety patients, the first step toward relief is training the mind to react differently to the thoughts provoking the anxiety.

Often this begins with relaxation training, which empowers patients to stabilize themselves during an episode of anxiety -- giving them a fighting chance to manage their way out of it.

In hypnotherapy, we help patients into a subconscious state in which their minds are receptive to suggestions of alternative ways to react to the source of their anxiety. These suggestions then register with patients when they face the anxiety, providing alternate paths they can choose to follow away from their fear.

For some patients -- especially those experiencing generalized anxiety -- the problem may be rooted in emotional scars that haven't healed properly. These may be painful memories that we've buried, recent losses that we have not fully mourned, or current challenges in our lives that seem too scary to face. In these cases, we strongly recommend an aggressive course of counseling to get the issues out in the open and process your feelings about them so that your mind can rest and your spirit can heal.